XRP has fallen to its lowest level since December 2018

16.07.2019 15:57:59

With the dominance of "bearish" sentiment, almost all digital currencies descend.

For example, Bitcoin started the week with a sharp fall, and even the risks of its rollback below $10,000 appeared. Only on Tuesday, the coin managed to back, and now BTC is trading at $10,507, it's market capitalization has decreased to $187,608 billion


The third-largest cryptocurrency XRP fell to its lowest level since last December. The token has fallen in price to $0.309, daily trading volume has decreased to $1.28 billion, and the total capitalization of the asset is slightly more than $13.164 billion.

The last time XRP traded in this area in early December 2018. Just two years ago, XRP was trading above $03.6, but then it began to weaken, which resulted in reaching a mark below $0.29. Only in January 2019, the situation returned to normal a bit, and investors began to return.

According to analysts, the situation is unlikely to change dramatically over the next 24 hours, as investor activity remains weak. But if the bears retain control of the situation, the risks of a more substantial reduction in the cost of the XRP become real, for example, to a minimum of November 2018.