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2019 brought Ethereum 1.2 million new DApps users

14:51 21 January /2020

 Last year, the Ethereum ecosystem replenished with 1.2 million new users. This is an important indicator that can affect the price of Ethereum in the long run.

Most of the new users are Decentralized Finance (DeFi). This indicates a growing use of Ethereum in the finance market. And as experts say, even though now the main part of existing applications is gambling applications, DeFi will make up a large share of the decentralized applications of the Ethereum ecosystem.

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As for users of decentralized gambling applications, their number increased by 372% in 2019. Blockchain games also showed an increase in users. In 2019, their number increased by 162%.

These data suggest that if the main cases of using ETH are now associated with gambling and DeFi. That this trend will continue soon.

The overall increase in the use of DeFi and DApp will positively affect the long-term dynamics of Ethereum prices. platform analysts also concluded that the Ethereum blockchain is the undisputed leader in the number of new applications.

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