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60% of all crypto traders are concentrated in 3 countries

15:23 05 December /2018

As the Belarusian digital-agency BD Center reports, Russia is one of the leaders in the number of crypto traders.

The United States is the leader of the rating with 30.47% of all traders of the popular crypto exchanges. Russia placed the 2nd line with 15.37% of traders, China with11.23% is on the 3rd line of the rating. In total, these three countries account for almost 60% of all the crypto traders.

BD Center also made a portrait of the average crypto trader. So, analysts have found that at least 50% of crypto traders have a higher education - economic or mathematical.

More than 70% of traders are men. It should be noted that, is more favorable by the female audience where 52.67% of traders are female.

BD Center notes that crypto trading attracts the young people, as the average age of traders ranges from 25 to 34 years. By the way attracts more experienced people where the age segment of 35–44 years prevails.

In China the traders are the youngest, the average age is 20-30 years here. In the USA, on the Kraken exchange, the average age of traders is about 30 years. Binance's clients are mostly men of 25–35 years old.

In Russia, 50% of traders are 25−40 years, 30% - in the range from 18 to 25 years. Researchers note that due to a decrease in the activity on the ICO market, many crypto traders have begun to look for other high-yield projects.

The analysis showed that the greatest income to the exchanges brings trading, and not listing. The most profitable is Binance ($148 million), EXX ($58 million), Bitfinex ($46 million) and others.

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