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$800000 were stolen through dApps from the EOS blockchain

14:56 11 December /2018

According to PeckShield experts, from July to November, hackers stole almost $800000 from the EOS network. Hackers used dApps to do this.

About 27 cases of an explosion were recorded on the EOS network, and about 400,000 coins were stolen. Cybersecurity experts believe that this was due to the dApps, and the EOS blockchain is reliable.

In November the bugs of security were discovered in several online games based on the blockchain dApps. These are EOSBet, LuckyGo, EOSDice, and others. In total, 170.5 thousand coins were lost, the EOS blockchain was under great threat.

The insiders say that up to 40% of the 513,000 users of the EOS blockchain are active, the rest simply “sleep” or are managed by the team.

Recently, the head of the Tron Foundation Justin Sun made a statement that he would "save" the developers of Ethereum and EOS from collapse.

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