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An unknown miner will be able to control 51% of Bitcoin Cash hash rate

09:15 01 May /2019

At the end of April, unknown miner began to control 44% of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hash rate.

As TrustNodes notes, the miner signs the blocks as Z\/Satoshi Nakamoto, but people don’t believe that this is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin. Recently, the hash rate is growing at an alarming rate in the BCH network.

Community members fear that the miner who signs the blocks as Z\/Satoshi Nakamoto will soon begin to control more than half of the cryptocurrency hash rate, which poses the threat of a so-called 51% attack.

It is quite possible that Calvin Eyre’s team returned to be an unknown miner, who could return to mining Bitcoin Cash after leaving the project in November last year when the Bitcoin SV was formed.

Many members believe that the surge in the activity of the BCH miners was due to the upcoming Schnorr update, which is scheduled for May 15.

Another reason for their activation could be the rainy season in China. Many pools hope that Chinese electricity will become cheaper due to climate change and an increase in the water level in hydroelectric power plants.

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Coin mining is becoming more attractive against the backdrop of the recovery of the cryptocurrency market. On May 1, Bitcoin Cash went up to $266, and it's market capitalization exceeds $4.736 billion.

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