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Bitcoin hash doubled in 24 hours despite its low coin price

13:11 27 September /2019

Despite the recent drop in the price of Bitcoin, the hash rate of the BTC network continues to increase, according to the Coin Dance service.

In the middle of the week, the hash rate of Bitcoin unexpectedly fell by 30%. After that, the market was watching the weakening of the Bitcoin exchange rate, as a result, the coin dropped to $8000, and at this level, it is being traded now.

hashrate btc 27.jpg

Almost immediately after the fall, the hash rate began to recover, doubling in just 24 hours. September 25, this figure rose to 114 (EH/s). The observers note that an increase in hash rate strengthens the Bitcoin network.

Many supporters of Bitcoin, for example, Anthony Pompliano and Mati Greenspan, are tweeting about this on Twitter. Moreover, Mati Greenspan stressed that the activation of miners is observed even against the background of a decrease in the price of a digital asset.

BTC production continues to grow steadily, and this may signal an imminent “bullish” reversal of Bitcoin.

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