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Bitcoin price won’t rise above $15000

09:42 25 December /2019

BitMEX crypto exchange has released its forecast on the dynamics of Bitcoin price in 2020

Analytics prepare different forecasts for Bitcoin in 20202. Bitcoin bulls are confident that Bitcoin will reach new highs in 2020. In their opinion, May halving will be a key factor in the growth of the coin.

Today, BTC is trading at $7230. After a short growth, the coin began to descend, most likely due to the weakening activity of investors celebrating Christmas.

On Twitter BitMEX Research experts tweeted with the range of fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin next year. This forecast says that in 2020 you should not expect the BTC to fall below $2000.

The growth of the coin is quite possible, but it will not be able to break through more than $15000. Bitcoin dominance will be no more than 75%.

tweet 25-december.jpg

Now it’s difficult to estimate the realism of the forecast of BitMEX Research analysts. But if we pay attention to the boundaries of BTC price fluctuations set by researchers, we can see that they are more objective in comparison with the recent forecast by Tim Draper, who announced a BTC spurt of up to $250,000 in two years.

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