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Bitcon Cash became the leader of growth in April

14:43 09 April /2019

March was successful for Bitcon Cash. Cryptocurrency was able to rise by 30% per month. But the beginning of April was even better. In the first days of April, all the cryptocurrencies showed an increase. But Bitcoin Cash has become a growth leader. For the first week of April, the price of BCH increased by 80%.

How did the price of BCH change

According to CoinMarketCap, on April 1, the price of BCH was $166, and on April 2, the price of BCH exceeded $240. At the time of publication, the price of BCH is $297.


Analysts point to various reasons that could affect the increase in the price of this cryptocurrency. So far, it is not exactly clear why the BCH rate has grown so much, but various Bitcoin Cash news can be listed, which most likely contributed to this.

What pushed Bitcoin Cash up

Oddly enough, but Bitcoin contributed to the growth rate of BCH. Firstly, the rise in the price of Bitcoin pulled up the altcoins. Also in Japan, more stores are accepting BCH than Bitcoin. In the Bitcoin network, the commission is $2, while in the Bitcoin Cash network, the commission is lower. So Bitcoin users pay more for transactions, and this can lead to the flow of customers from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash.

And unlike Bitcoin, the growth of the Bitcoin Cash network will not be a signal for the growth of commissions. BCH has already passed a stress test, during which miners processed more than 2 million transactions in one day, without increasing the transaction fee.


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