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CME Launches Ethereum Futures on Feb 8

17:55 21 January /2021

Pantera Capital believes that the launch of Ethereum futures by the Chicago Exchange (CME) will accelerate the adoption of Ethereum by institutional investors. They will get a certain amount of confidence and will buy it more actively.

The Chicago Stock Exchange announced the launch of Ethereum futures late last year. And set a launch date for February 8th. Thus, in less than three weeks, investors will be able to take advantage of the new product. One futures contract is 50 ETH.

As Pantera Capital notes, the launch of futures is a fundamental factor contributing to the long-term strengthening of the altcoin. Once investors are able to take advantage of Ethereum futures, we will see an acceleration in the entry of institutional investors.

Since the demand for Ethereum will increase, the Ethereum rate will be able to show a new historical maximum more than once by the end of this year. As more and more holders are betting on ETH in Ethereum 2.0, this means a further decline in sales.

Ethereum is currently the leading network for smart contract deployment and blockchain application development (DApps).

Recall that in just one year, the value of tokens locked in the DeFi ecosystem has grown from $1 billion to $24 billion. Recently, the Ethereum rate peaked at $1440. But today its rate has dropped below 1200.

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