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Crypto whales control 26% of Bitcoins in circulation

11:39 29 May /2019

On May 28, the Diar resource published a report in which it indicated that during the “crypto winter,” the number of Bitcoin wallets with a balance of 1,000 to 10,000 Bitcoins increased significantly.

Diar analysts compared the distribution of Bitcoins in May 2019 to August 2018. August was chosen, since in August Bitcoin traded above $8,000. The analysis focuses on the Firm Size Bitcoin addresses and indicates that such addresses control more than 26% of the Bitcoins in circulation. If you convert these Bitcoins into US dollars, you get about $36 billion.

In August last year, such wallets controlled 20% of Bitcoins in circulation. That is, for 10 months, crypto whales began to control 6% more Bitcoins in circulation.

Just when Bitcoin was trading at around $3,200, the crypto whales were actively accumulating Bitcoins.

Diar analysts emphasize that they analyzed only active addresses that have been moving bitcoins in the past three months.

Diar also notes that since the beginning of 2019, about 40% of the recently maned Bitcoins are stored on large Bitcoin addresses. Since the beginning of 2018, these addresses accumulate almost half of all new Bitcoins.

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