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Ether aims at $300

16:00 16 May /2019

Today, Ethereum showed the most aggressive growth rate through the top ten altcoins. Over the past 24 hours, the coin has grown by almost 14%, and since the beginning of this week, it has risen by 55%.

The rapid increase in the value of a digital asset strengthened the position of its supporters, some of whom are already betting on the growth of Ethereum to $400. The resistance is expected only at the level of $300. If ETH overcomes, it will continue to climb to new heights.


Now, Ethereum is traded at $270, the market capitalization of a digital asset reached $28.063 billion. Since the beginning of 2019, ETH has risen by about 100%, and over the past few days, the coin has added an average of 17% per day.

Some experts connect the rise in the price of the Ether with the strengthening of Bitcoin, which holds above $8,000. However, on Thursday, the BTC, shows 0% growth today.

There is an opinion that the famous engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk, who tweeted only one-word “Ethereum”, became a catalyst for the unexpected breakthrough of the Ethereum.

After that, rumors began to appear that Musk was interested in this cryptocurrency project and was considering options for cooperation with its developers. Musk did not confirm but did not refute these rumors.

It is possible that the cryptocurrency is growing not only due to the new investors but also against the background of the readiness of its developers to present new solutions in the near future.

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