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Ethereum Classic developers announced hardfork Atlantis

10:23 21 June /2019

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) development team has announced its readiness to upgrade the network in mid-September this year.

The company's blog says that developers are faced with the task of not only systematically improving the blockchain by integrating new options but also making it as user-friendly as possible. For this purpose, it is planned to carry out hard fork Atlantis.

The key goal of the fork will be the integration of software ensuring compatibility of ETH and ETC blockchains. That is, in fact, the user of any of these networks will be able to transfer information to the second blockchain, the same opportunity will be received by the developers of any decentralized applications (DApps).

The conditions of the upcoming fork were discussed earlier; Asian miners insisted on launching the update on July 1, but at least another decision was made.

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In the blog it’s also said that fork will update the Geth client, this can be done in partnership with the Parity teams, IOHK and the rest of the ETC community. Atlantis will be activated on block 8,772,000 on or about September 17, 2019.

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