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Ethereum Classic has soared 40% in a day and is preparing to get into the TOP 10

18:47 17 January /2020

The ten best cryptocurrencies by market capitalization are a set of the most profitable and safe assets. However, the top 10 may change soon. Ethereum Classic showed a price increase of 40% in just 24 hours and 123% in 7 days. As a result, Ethereum Classic has a capitalization of $1.347 billion and came close to Cardano. Cardano has a capitalization of $1.357 billion.


Over the past 30 days, it has grown by more than 237%. Although a notable fact is that altcoin increased by 40% per day.


The price of Ethereum Classic rose against the backdrop of a general increase in demand for digital assets in the first days of January due to the aggravation of the geopolitical situation. Bitcoin pulled up almost all the major altcoins, but Ethereum Classic adds not only under the influence of BTC.

As already mentioned, the Agharta software update, which improved compatibility with the Ethereum network (the best platform for developers of decentralized applications), also led to increased activation of users of the ETC ecosystem.

Another growth factor was the launch of the ETC/USDT pair on the Binance exchange. The last time at $9.9 altcoin was in November 2018. Even during the so-called June Bitcoin rally last year, ETC peaked at only $9.5.

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