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Exchanges may re-list XRP

14:51 22 March /2021

XRP price continues to respond to new details in the conflict between Ripple and the SEC. On Thursday, the XRP/USD pair reached a high of $0,52, on Saturday the price climbed to $0,55, and today the price peaked at $0,5893. Thus, the price reacted to the statements of the SEC lawyers that the exchanges would not violate any securities laws by re-listing the XRP cryptocurrency.

Until Friday, it was unclear who the SEC might punish in the Ripple case. It will be the Ripple company or also the exchanges will be affected by XRP trading.

However, on Friday, after a question from SEC attorney Jeremy Hogan, the situation cleared up. Jeremy Hogan asked if it meant that anyone who sold XRP was selling it illegally. SEC lawyers responded that under section 4, only Ripple and Ripple-affiliated companies could illegally sell XRP.

Thus, the lawyers' response made it clear that the exchanges did not violate the laws by including XRP in their listing, and can do it again. It is not yet clear if exchanges will want to return XRP cryptocurrency to their listings. However, this has certainly instilled new optimism in the crypto community.

An interesting fact is that XRP investors have started pushing for exchanges to include XRP on their list again. The hashtag #RelistXRP even appeared on the Internet, which began to actively gain momentum.

Thanks to positive shifts in the conflict between Ripple and the SEC, the cryptocurrency has become the most efficient among the TOP-10. For 7 days, the XRP rate increased by 28%.

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