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EOS overtook Stellar and ranked fourth in capitalization

EOS rose to fourth place in the CoinMarketCap ranking, overtaking Stellar. Its capitalization increased to $2.22 billion (against 2.07 for Stellar). The reason for this castling was the steady growth of EOS: during 24 hours the cryptocurrency has risen by 17% to $2.45. In the morning, the price rose above $2.5 (almost 30% higher than the previous day). Earlier, EOS dropped to eighth place o...

16:01 18 December /2018

ICO projects sold 400,000 ETH during November

During November, ICO-projects sold 416K ETH. This is the largest figure since the summer, reports Trustnodes.

According to Santiment, in August, ICO startups sold only 100,000 ETH. In September, sales of digital currency increased significantly, reaching 300 thousand ETH. In November, this amount exceeded 400 thousand ETH.

However, in the first quarter of this ye...

12:01 17 December /2018

How to survive a bear market?

On the Medium platform, Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song published a post titled “Tips: How to Survive a Bear Market.” He reviewed the negative and positive aspects of the falling Bitcoin market, and also gave advice.

 “The fall of the Bitcoin market has been going on almost a year, and the bear phase is not the most comfortable time for most Bitcoin enthusi...

13:42 14 December /2018

Kraken wants to attract $4 billion to survive the "bearish winter"

The US Crypto Exchange Kraken sent its VIP customers an offer to participate in a private listing of the company's shares. Kraken plans to raise $4billion. The exchange needs money in order to successfully survive the bear market and make new acquisitions.

The letter states that the exchange doesn’t need a new capital, but it plans to replenish the existing “substantial reserves” in or...

17:40 12 December /2018

$800000 were stolen through dApps from the EOS blockchain

According to PeckShield experts, from July to November, hackers stole almost $800000 from the EOS network. Hackers used dApps to do this.

About 27 cases of an explosion were recorded on the EOS network, and about 400,000 coins were stolen. Cybersecurity experts believe that this was due to the dApps, and the EOS blockchain is reliable.

In November the bugs of sec...

16:55 11 December /2018

The cryptocurrency prices can be manipulated

Some big participants of the crypto market can manipulate cryptocurrency rates to buy them at a “waste” price. This theory was expressed by the portal Ethereum World News. He also noted that the SEC doesn’t punish speculators.

The activity of Wall Street companies may be associated with the early launch of the services, intended to attract institutional investors.


12:20 10 December /2018

Bitcoin SV in the top 5 largest cryptocurrencies

While the price of Bitcoin Cash is rapidly falling along with other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin SV (the fork of Bitcoin Cash) entered the top-5 of the CoinMarketCap rating, adding more than 20%. At the same time, almost 60% of trading volume is provided by two exchanges - Binance and Upbit. At the time of publication, the price of Bitcoin SV is $109.40, it’s in the green zone. Bitcoin lost 11...

12:09 07 December /2018

60% of all crypto traders are concentrated in 3 countries

As the Belarusian digital-agency BD Center reports, Russia is one of the leaders in the number of crypto traders.

The United States is the leader of the rating with 30.47% of all traders of the popular crypto exchanges. Russia placed the 2nd line with 15.37% of traders, China with11.23% is on the 3rd line of the rating. In total, these three countries account for almost 60% of...

17:23 05 December /2018

The difficulty of Bitcoin decreased by 15%

The 3rd December after the last adjustment, the difficulty of the Bitcoin network decreased by 15% which is the second major drop in the difficulty of the cryptocurrency in history.

The difficulty of Bitcoin network is one of the main indicators of mining, which determines the "ease" of creating a new block and the reward for each miner.

The Bitcoin ha...

16:28 04 December /2018

Founder of NEO denied the risk of remote token theft

According to NEO founder Eric Zhang, the vulnerability in the cryptocurrency, discovered by Tencent laboratory, doesn’t threaten the users of the blockchain.

Earlier it was reported that Tencent laboratory discovered an error in the blockchain of the cryptocurrency and stated that hackers could use this vulnerability to steal users' tokens.

However, Zhang reassur...

19:04 03 December /2018

Bitcoin is still unstable, but it will survive!

This week after a long period of bearish pressure, Bitcoin managed to rebound from a minimum to $4300 and with the altcoins that follow him, establish some stability in the market. In the last 24 hours, with a price of $4314, Bitcoin has reached a market capitalization of more than $75 billion, showing an increase of 2.64%.

Ripple, having fallen down by 0.67%, remained just ab...

10:26 30 November /2018