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United Kingdom Net Lending to Individuals (MoM) came in at £4.9B, below expectations (£5.1B) in February

10:47 31 March /2016 Forex

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GBP/USD closed at more than one month high

GBP/USD closed at 1.2557 on Monday; the highest closing level since Feb 23 largely on the back of a broad based US dollar selling.Blessing in disguiseThe dollar selling appears to have come to a halt as the markets realize Trump’s failure to repea

05:00 28 March /2017 Forex

Fed’s Kaplan: Fed would be wise to move gradually and patiently Dhwani Mehta

More comments hit the wires from Dallas Fed president Kaplan last hour, during his speech  at a panel discussion titled "A Discussion of Economic Conditions and the Role of Monetary Polic

05:00 28 March /2017 Forex

Japan’s Ishihara: Closely watching market moves

Japanese economy minister Ishihara crossed the wires last hour, via Reuters, noting that Japan’s government is closely watching market moves.This comes after the recent strength in the yen, and jawboning by the Japanese authorities cannot be ruled out.

04:46 28 March /2017 Forex