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Hackers have moved 550 Bitcoins stolen from Bitfinex in 2016

13:18 26 April /2019

After the New York Supreme Court launched an investigation into the Bitfinex and the loss of $850 million, there appeared some reports about the movement of Bitcoins related to the hacking of this exchange in 2016.

On Reddit the user jankeldidi reported the movement of 550 Bitcoins, which at the time of the post cost about $3 million. He also presented a list with suspicious bitcoin addresses.

The user weaponizedstupidity also reported about bitcoin dump to $4400 on the Kraken exchange, suggesting that a panic sale could be started related to the news about Bitfinex.

Many of the crypto community have expressed their concern about the latest developments related to Tether; some spoke of possible transactions related to the strategies of the company. It should be noted that in recent times, the stable coin USDT has been spared from all conjectures after the allegations that it is provided by US dollars.

“Bitfinex had problems, and 550 Bitcoins from Bitfinex addresses were moved. They chose an interesting moment! ”


In response to the jankeldidi message, another Reddit user also wrote that bitcoins can still be tracked until hackers exchange them for such confidential coins as Monero.

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