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Holders started selling their Bitcoins

17:08 04 December /2020

As reported by Unchained Capital, 186600 Bitcoins, which had been stored in wallets for over 12 months, were moved in November. Some Bitcoins have been held in wallets for over three years. This is approximately 1% of the total Bitcoin supply. If in November last year this amount of Bitcoins was worth $1,3 billion, then in November of this year 186600 Bitcoins were estimated at $3,6 billion.

Thus, in November, the number of Bitcoins that have not been sent anywhere for two to three years has decreased from 12,2% to 11,58%. The number of Bitcoins that remained motionless for one to two years fell to 17,13%. Over the past 12 months, 38,5% of BTC has been active.


Glassnode analysts also reported record growth in Bitcoin address activity in November. The average number of Internet users sending and receiving BTC daily increased to 19,6 million last month, the highest in three years.

The last time approximately the same daily activity was recorded in December 2017 and January 2018.

In November, the price of Bitcoin rose by 42%. If at the beginning of the month the coin was trading around $13800, then at the end of November the BTC rate reached $19700.

At the time of publication, Bitcoin is trading at around $19000.

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