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How a Bitcoin halving will affect its price?

11:56 30 July /2019

Popular American TV host Joe Kernen, Bitcoin Bull, announced the growth of BTC price on the eve of the May halving in 2020.

On CNBC, he once again noted the growing potential of the largest cryptocurrency and stressed that the reduction in the miner reward will be a new stage on the path of strengthening investor interest in the new asset.

Bitcoin mining will be cut in half in May, so already before the halving, we will see a rapid rise in BTC due to aggressive purchases of the coin. Kernen doesn’t rule out that the rate of Bitcoin will jump to $55,000 by the end of next spring.

This TV host is known for having recently publicly ridiculed the position of US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, who announced the collapse of Bitcoin. In that conversation, the official said that after a few years we would forget about BTC and expressed concern about the growing scale of criminal use of the coin.

However, Kernen said then and continues to insist now that fiat money is mainly used in criminal schemes, and Bitcoin is not popular among criminal structures.

Besides, the TV host once again stressed that BTC is actually “digital gold” and its popularity will be strengthened as the demand for innovative forms of value preservation increases.

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