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How long does it take to get 100% profit from Bitcoin?

18:11 10 September /2019

How long does it take to receive income from Bitcoins? Such a question is asked by almost every investor who is going to buy Bitcoin or has just done it.

On Twitter, Bitcoin Economics claims that if you want to get 100% profit from Bitcoin, you will have to keep it for almost 3 years, namely 1,135 days. If you think this is a very long time, look at the S & P500. To get 100% of the S & P500, you need to wait 23 years. Feel the difference?

Where does this data come from? The analyst made this conclusion by analyzing the rise in the price of Bitcoin to $ 1,150 in 2013. Everyone who bought Bitcoin at $ 1,150 then came across a decline. And they had to wait until 2017 to cover their losses and earn.

Here is a detailed diagram of how many days you had to wait in order not only to return the investment but also to make a profit.

1 day: 50%

35 days: 60%

110 days: 70%

317 days: 75%

461 days: 80%

663 days: 90%

1335 days: 100%

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