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In 2018 the demand for cryptocurrency set a new record

14:40 15 January /2019

According to a study by Diar, talking about data from the centralized trading platforms in 2018, the number of transactions, as well as the trading volume of cryptocurrency, set a record. This fact confirms that interest of investors continues to grow along with the gradual spread of crypto assets in the society.

In 2018, there was more money in crypto exchanges compared with record 2017 year. And this trend will continue in 2019 - Diar is convinced of this. Thus, at Coinbase, by the end of 2018, the volume of transactions grew by 21%, and the number of transactions increased by 14.1%, from 82.7 to 94.4 million. Over the same 12-month period, turnover of Kraken and Bitfinex rose by 192% and 50%, respectively.

The growth of cryptocurrency trade was accompanied by an increase in mining income. In 2018, only Bitcoin miners earned 5.8 billion dollars. $1.2 billion were earned in the first month of last year, when the price of Bitcoin reached the maximum. Diar notes that most of the mined cryptocoins were spread not through the centralized crypto excahnges, but using decentralized platforms.

BTC/USD remained the most popular currency pair, although in December 2018 the Japanese yen became the first by the volume of transactions with BTC. Also, Diar noted that in the segment of stablockcoins the share of Tether fell to 70% for the first time at the end of last year, indicating growing competition among cryptocoins.

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