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In 2019, the cryptocurrency hedge funds showed higher the profitability of than traditional

17:59 04 February /2020

Stock markets yielded good returns in 2019, but cryptocurrency hedge funds completed it even better.

According to statistics from Eurekahedge and HFR, traditional hedge funds earned an average of 10.4% over the past year, while cryptocurrencies earned 16.33%.

However, it’s worth noting the fact that cryptocurrency funds remain extremely volatile. In 2017, the Eurekahedge cryptocurrency hedge fund index grew by 1,708.5%, and in 2018 fell by 70.27%.

The historical high profitability of cryptocurrencies and their potential for further growth attract high-risk investors. This opinion was expressed by the head of Galaxy Digital fund management, Steve Kurz (Steve Kurz).

    “Bitcoin shows the highest returns on an annual, three-year and ten-year period,” he said in a conversation with the Financial Times.

According to Chris Zuehlke, director of global development for the Cumberland cryptocurrency fund, banks will join the industry anyway. Alternatively, they can provide broker services, enabling their customers to reach liquidity providers.

Founders of Galaxy Digital and Cumberland know the principles of functioning of traditional markets: Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz was a Goldman Sachs partner before.

In November last year, Galaxy Digital presented a report for the third quarter, according to which the company's revenue for the first 3 quarters of 2019 amounted to $58.4 million, which is 133% higher than the same period of the previous year.

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