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In April trading volume of Bitcoin and Ethereum rose 2017 year level

14:33 12 April /2019

In early April the volume of operations with the largest cryptocurrency jumped to the highest point since the end of 2017. We are talking about the trading volume of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which last week showed explosive growth.

Bitcoin even approached $5,300, but couldn’t stay at this level and began to descend gradually. Ethereum also aggressively added, which gave some analysts reason to predict its growth to $200. But this coin, along with BTC, was under strong pressure and began to decline.

Now Bitcoin and Ethereum are traded at $5080 and $165, respectively.

Analyst and financial journalist Camilla Russo compared the indicators of Bitcoin and Ethereum in early April with investors' activity over the past few months and concluded that players didn’t show such aggression from the end of 2017 when Bitcoin punched a historical maximum of $20,000.

However, in the expert community there are still a lot of people who believe that the jump of Bitcoin and Ethereum price in early April was most likely caused only by the activation of speculators, and the so-called “crypto winter” has not yet ended.

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