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Nasdaq Exchange Prepares to Launch Bitcoin Futures

15:31 27 January /2020

According to Adena Friedman, CEO of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, its trading platform plans to launch bitcoin futures soon. She said this in an interview with Bloomberg.

Nasdaq may launch a new product in partnership with a company whose name Friedman has refused to give. The intention of one of the largest stock exchanges in the world to launch bitcoin futures became known two years ago.

The management of the trading platform has long been eyeing the cryptocurrency industry. A year ago Adena Friedman stated that digital assets are the future, therefore the company will not only closely monitor this industry, but also intends to participate in its development.

At the end of last week, the Nasdaq CEO said:

We are still working on this industry with an excellent partner to see if this is right for us. And I think we are still evaluating this [bitcoin futures].

Friedman did not name any specific dates but noted that as soon as the work on assessing the potential is completed, the trading platform will immediately begin preparations for the launch of futures on BTC.

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