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New NBX exchange from Norway has ambitious plans

14:37 19 August /2019

Norwegian Air recently announced plans to accept Bitcoins as payments and launch its cryptocurrency exchange called NBX.

The cryptocurrency exchange should be launched in late August. Former Norwegian Air CEO and business tycoon Björn Kjos, who became an investor in this exchange, spoke about his views on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

According to Kjos, the NBX crypto exchange - the Norwegian Block Exchange - will become significantly larger in the future than Bank Norwegian.

“We looked at other cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, which over time have grown in scale. If we can occupy 10% of the volume of transactions among them, then it will be much more than even Bank Norwegian, ”Chios said.

It seems that Björn Kjos hinted that the future cryptocurrency exchange NBX will provide ample opportunities for crypto-fiat exchange. Comparing the bank with crypto exchanges, Kjos said that conventional banks are geographically limited, while NBX will be able to serve customers around the world.

Björn Kjos said that he invested in NBX as a family business, although he personally never had to buy cryptocurrencies.

Kjos also appreciates the role of blockchain technology in the future, indicating that it saves money and time for airlines. According to him, blockchain can exclude credit card issuers from payment processes by directly linking customers to the airline, and can also significantly accelerate processes such as customs clearance of documents.

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