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One of the "crypto whales" unexpectedly withdrew the last 60,000 Bitcoins from the wallet

10:24 12 March /2019

At the end of February, one of the largest cryptocurrency wallets became empty: its owner got rid of the last 60,000 Bitcoins worth about $230 million.

As the portal Trustnodes reports, this Bitcoin wallet was the fourth largest. Its owner first bought 0.01 BTC at the end of October 2014. Then, the crypto whale gradually increased its investments in Bitcoin, and as a result, it accumulated 113,000 Bitcoins totaling more than $440 million.

For a long time, the wallet owner only increased the balance in Bitcoins, but as soon as BTC began to grow rapidly at the end of 2017, the whale started selling the asset.

The last withdraw was recorded on February 28. The owner of the wallet was withdrawing funds partly. The size of a single transaction was often 1000 Bitcoins. The withdraw was made to different wallets.

Analysts suggest that the crypto whale either sold all Bitcoins or distributed assets among several wallets so as not to attract attention.

It is worth noting that in recent months, the analysts record the increasing activity of the crypto whales. They massively send large amounts of XRP tokens and Bitcoins to unknown wallets and exchanges.


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