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The cost of tokens ICO-projects fell to $5 billion

09:28 18 January /2019

According to analysts of the BitMEX platform, in 2018, the ICO projects were able to sell their coins for $24.2 billion in the Ether Ecosystem (ETH).

At the peak of the cryptocurrency market growth, the cost of sold toekns reached $80 billion. However, by the end of last year, this figure fell to $5 billion. The last study, which was published on January 16, was the third in a row.

The first such study was conducted by BitMEX in September 2017. Then the goal was to identify the relationship between ICO-projects and the estimation of their prospects in the market.

The second research was conducted in October last year. Analysts studied the dynamics of token sales in the ETH network, launched ICO-projects. In 2018, due to the fall of the crypto market, the loss of ICO projects exceeded $70 billion, as they initially raised $80 billion, but then the cost of tokens dropped to $5 billion.

However, this figure may be inaccurate, since many projects could get tokens almost for free and it would be wrong to estimate their cost. After analyzing the dynamics of moving digital assets, BitMEX analysts and the TokenAnalyst service found that the total profit from the sale of coins amounted to about $1.5 billion, but it is worth to say that some of the assets weren’t withdrawn.

Veritaseum and Noah projects received the largest number of tokens, although the trading volume of such assets is negligible, experts said.



Earlier it was reported that Diar analysts recorded a decline in investor interest in ICO projects. In November ICOs attracted only $65 million.

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