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The number of wallets with a balance of more than 1000 BTC is growing

18:41 15 October /2019

In 2019, the number of wallets with a balance of 1000 Bitcoins and more was recorded in the Bitcoin blockchain. The chart of the growth of the balance of Bitcoin addresses, which was published by Willy Woo, shows that such a growth rate of wallets with such a balance was previously recorded in 2010-2013. It is worth noting that in 2010-2013, the cost of Bitcoin was ten times lower than in 2019. This means that wealthier investors come to the crypto sphere.


Moreover, in 2013, the goal of buying Bitcoin was to launch a network. In 2019, the technical goal of buying Bitcoin turned into a financial one. More and more investors are acquiring Bitcoin to earn. The stimulus of a new increase in the number of wallets with a balance of 100 and more Bitcoins was the inflow of capital from highly profitable investors.

The data indicate that the current upward trend in the number of addresses whose balances exceed 1000 BTC, intensified in 2019 when the price of Bitcoin exceeded $10,000.

As reported in the summer, the number of bitcoins that have been in wallets without movement for more than 5 years has reached record heights - about 21.6% of the coins can be called “untouchable”.

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