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The test version of the blockchain is available in Internet

13:12 09 September /2019

On September 8, the Telegram team posted an open-access test version of the blockchain network. Most likely, this test version is the final version before the launch of the Telegram blockchain, since there is not much time left on October 30. Recall that Durov will be obliged to return to investors the invested $1.7 billion if the blockchain is not launched before October 31.

On the site, you can find the full source codes of the software for implementing the test version of the blockchain, as well as configuration files. External developers can create their nodes with this data and, if there are enough Gram test tokens, check how transaction validation works in the blockchain.

For those who are not ready to develop their client, a web application for researching the test blockchain is available at

Also, the project page contains the project documentation. All four files are signed by Nikolai Durov, some, as stated on the page, are out of date. The most current date, September 6, 2019, is for the 167-page description of the TON virtual machine.

In addition to technical documentation, the site has a guide on creating a node in a test blockchain. It also explains how to convert this node to a transaction validator.

The validation function is the key for TON investors. The owners of large volumes of cryptocurrency will be able to earn on checking and certifying transactions, as well as providing other services in the future. The creators of TON promised investors to launch the system before the end of October or to return the $ 1.7 billion invested in the project.

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