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The volatility of Bitcoin almost doubled in April

10:59 22 April /2019

The BTC's volatility indicator has almost doubled over the past 30 days, as the largest cryptocurrency showed an aggressive rally in April.

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Recall that at the beginning of this month, Bitcoin overcame the $5,000 mark, and it is trading above $5,300, which creates conditions under which BTC can reach $5,500 or even $6,000.

According to the service, Bitcoin’s volatility almost doubled from 1.26% to 3.31%. Now, this indicator is 3.54%.

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The range of Bitcoin price fluctuations began to change after the rate of the BTC against the US dollar jumped by 22% in just one hour for the first time during five months. Now, the BTC volatility indicator is at the highest point since the beginning of 2019.

It is worth noting that the fall in the value by almost 80% was triggered by the exit of many investors from the cryptosphere. As a result, the volatility indicator has become one of the lowest in the history of the cryptocurrency.

In 2018 the average price fluctuation was slightly below 4%. The only exception was January when Bitcoin was still at a historic high.

Over the past eight years, the dynamics of a fundamental decline in the volatility of Bitcoin prices have been recorded, with the exception of small jerks.

According to analysts, the decrease in volatility has a positive effect on the development of the cryptocurrency industry. The smaller range of price fluctuations gives the stability market.

Institutional investors prefer to invest in less volatile assets in order to minimize their risks, therefore stabilizing the range of BTC value will attract players with large capitals.

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