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Tron network is full of bots

09:59 10 October /2019

An Anchain study says the Tron blockchain network is full of bots. And due to their increased activity the Tron platform is on the list of the most popular blockchain projects.

The experts report noted that in the first quarter of 2019, in the Tron network almost 31% of unique addresses belonged to bots, they also carry out about 20% of all transactions on the blockchain. The robots are most active in gaming applications.

By simulating activity, gaming platforms attract new users. TronScan service recently recorded a surge in the number of unique accounts on the network (3.76 million).

However, AnChain analysts believe that it is impossible to completely trust the published statistics of the resource. Tron developers systematically emphasize that the project’s network is supposedly actively expanding, adding 500,000 new users in the third quarter of this year.

After Ethereum, Tron is the most popular platform, its creators say.

However, researchers are sure that the Tron blockchain, like the EOS network, are minor projects that are trying to increase their credibility by falsifying data on the activity of users of decentralized applications (DApss).

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