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XRP at the bottom but the indicator says buy

19:54 25 February /2020

If last year XRP became one of the worst cryptocurrencies, this year the situation has changed. Since the beginning of the year, the price of XRP has grown by 80%, reaching a maximum of $0.35. But to date, XRP has reduced its profit by almost half. At the time of publication, the price of XRP is $0.25. This level provides support for the XRP/USD pair for now.

After the XRP price drops to $0.25, the Thomas DeMark indicator signals to buy for the XRP/BTC pair.

The Thomas DeMark indicator sends signals only when certain conditions are met: candles must be closed in a certain sequence for the signal to appear. If the successful trigger is not confirmed, the counter resumes.

This indicator has already signaled the beginning of an uptrend for Bitcoin in 2020, as well as a decrease in Bitcoin price to a minimum in 2018. This indicator also signaled that the crypto bubble should burst, which happened in 2017.


The author of this chart describes the current location of XRP at the pivot point. If the XRP trend finally reverses against Bitcoin, this could lead to an explosive rally on the XRP/BTC trading pair.

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