TenkoFX: Hello, Anouar!
Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Once again, congratulations on winning our promotion with your demo account. You became the frontrunner right away and held your leading position right to the end of the promotion. Anouar, please, tell us a few words about yourself.

Anouar: Hi,
My name is Anouar and I’m from Morocco. I am 33 years old and I have a 5-month-old child. I work as a technician and I like travelling and Forex trading. My goal is to trade with an account of $100,000.

TenkoFX: How long have you been trading Forex?

Anouar: I’ve been trading in the Forex markets for 7 years.

TenkoFX: In the promotion, you were trading mainly gold and silver. Are these your favorite trading instruments?

Anouar: I like trading both gold and silver, but I noticed that the spread for silver was very low, so I started trading silver more.

TenkoFX: When you entered the promotion, did you think you could win? There were 4000 participants.

Anouar: I’d have to say yes, because when I entered the contest to try and win it.

TenkoFX: You managed to turn $10,000 on your demo account into $1,675,600. Do you think you could do the same on your real account?

Anouar: I’m 70% sure I could with silver; but in my real accounts I’ve actually stopped trading silver, for personal reasons.

TenkoFX: Tell us about your successes and failures on Forex.

Anouar: My real first success was when I won $10,000 in another contest two month ago; I needed this money to prepare for my wedding. It was a useful and long-awaited win.
My biggest failure in the Forex Market was when I lost $2,400 on my only account about a year ago, because I traded NFP and I was very busy. After that I made a decision to never trade on the very important news, or when I am busy. But sometimes I do break these rules!

TenkoFX: What is your trading strategy?

Anouar: I use 3 Fibonacci and Williams percent ranges and 4 moving averages: 8, 14, 55, 100.
I try to enter in strong support or resistance in every trade I know where I am in the market.
I trade in a 15 minute timeframe, but I monitor other timeframes: year / week / day / 4h

TenkoFX: What are you going to do with your $5,000 prize money?

Anouar: I will withdraw $1,000 and buy new TV and new PC and new washing machine for my wife. And I will use the remaining $4,000 to trade in your company.

TenkoFX: In your opinion, what helps traders earn money on Forex: skills or good luck?

Anouar: Their skills and hard work. If you just rely on good luck, sooner or later you will lose your deposit.

TenkoFX: Was your winning the result of your hard work or good luck?

Anouar: It really was hard work because I traded in the contest as if it was my real account.

TenkoFX: What would you recommend to beginning traders?

Anouar: Don't give up; try and try, you must die trying. When learning to ride a bicycle, you fall down many times and have to keep getting back up. And only hard work will make you a good trader.

TenkoFX: You have now become a TenkoFX client and started trading. What are your first impressions?

Anouar: I liked the speed of support and speed of execution of orders; this is what every trader is looking for. The leverage is good and I like the spread most. And customer support treated me like a VIP. I liked this most.

TenkoFX: Anouar, thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope to see you in our subsequent promotions and we wish you successful trading with our company.