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Bonuses to most active partners

15:00 05 March /2014 Affiliate programs

Dear clients and partners

To make it even more profitable to use TenkoFX we are introducing new bonuses for our most active partners. As a member of our partnership program you can earn additional bonus amounts by reaching certain trade volumes, as follows:

If the trading volume of your clients is

1. 7,000 lots, your bonus will be $10,000.

2. 5,000 lots - $5,000.

3. 3,000 lots - $2,000.

You can withdraw your bonus without restrictions. And it’s an ongoing incentive - so if you accumulate more lots, you’ll get more bonuses.

Please note there are rounding terms attached to the number of lots at the time you withdraw a bonus: if you have reached 4,000 lots and want to withdraw a bonus, you’ll receive the bonus for 3,000 lots. At this point your total will be reset to zero and you’ll have to begin accumulating lots again towards your next bonus.

Don’t forget to watch TenkoDESK for details of the bonuses you have earned!

Best regards


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Bonuses to most active partners

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15:00 05 March /2014 Affiliate programs

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