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Fund your account and get +20% CASH deposit

19:13 10 December /2013 Bonuses & offers

These days the word “bonus” often means nothing. Our promotion is real, so we’re calling it “CASH deposits” - a real, free gift just for trading with us during December and January.

What makes the CASH deposit special?

- No unrealistically strict conditions. All you have to do is trade - nothing more!

- The extra cash deposit will be counted into your balance during Margin Call and Stop Out calculations.

- The deposit is yours – it won’t be cancelled even if the amount of your own funds drop below the size of the cash deposit.

Promotion Rules:

1. You must register at TenkoDESK and go through our identity verification process..

2. This offer is valid until midnight GMT on 31 January 2014.

3. Once your account (Money Box) has been funded, to claim your CASH bonus simply send an email to [email protected], with the following content:

- Subject: "20% bonus".

- Your TenkoDESK ID (client number) and trading account number.

4. You will get +20% CASH on your deposit for every transfer within one month.

5. Each individual can receive up to 200 USD.

To withdraw the CASH deposit you have to fulfil only one condition:

For each 100 USD of the balance you need to generate 2 lots of trading volume.


Your deposit: $1000

20% CASH bonus: +$200

In order to withdraw your cash deposit bonus, you need to trade 20 lots.

If you generate a lower trading volume than required, you can withdraw some of the funds, up to the amount of funds transferred by you to TenkoFX.

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