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Winners of myfxbook promotion

15:41 28 April /2014 Bonuses & offers

Dear clients and partners

We are pleased to announce the winners of our myfxbook promotion! The winners are:

1st place - Kasri Anouar (chamchoun)

2nd place - Sachin Rathod (sachinkumar)

3rd place - Osamah AlNowaira (osamaALN)

4th place - Arkadiusz Janusiewicz (USDCAD)

5th place - Mile Mikulcic (mmile)

The leader raced to the top of the list from the very start of the promotion. He remained there right to the end, leaving all other contestants far behind.

The contestants began vying for 2nd and 3rd places just a few days before the end of the promotion (see the chart for details). AlNowaira took the lead 3 days before the end, but as the promotion closed Rathod was found to be the runner-up, with a difference of just 40% between his final profits and those of the third place contestant: Rathod finished the contest with 10974.00%, while AlNowaira had 10934.00%.

After the promotion closed we interviewed the winner, Kasri Anouar, who achieved a staggering 16656.00% profit.

Best regards


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