New services

New services

New Rebate system launched by TenkoFX

12:27 06 March /2014 New services

Dear clients and partners

TenkoFX announces the launch of a new automatic rebate system for sharing commissions between partners and clients.

The new system benefits both partners and traders. Partners can offer powerful incentives by returning a percentage of the commission they receive to their clients. For traders the system provides a valuable opportunity to decrease commission payments and earn greater profits.

Our new automated system is highly flexible, allowing partners to return a fixed percentage of their choice to all their clients, or set a separate rate for individual clients.

In the TenkoDESK workspace partners have access to detailed profit statistics and can set and track all payments under the Rebate system.

The new Rebate system is one of the most practical and efficient marketing tools available to partners, allowing them to offer customised incentives to attract new clients. And the system is fully automated so it works instantly and seamlessly - once you set it up, you won’t have to waste any time monitoring or overseeing the payments.

To access the new system simply log into the Partner section of your TenkoDESK workspace and choose ‘Rebate’. Set your chosen bonus rate and click on ‘Save’. Your clients will immediately start receiving bonuses at the rate you have set for all transactions performed.

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At TenkoFX we are constantly developing our services as we strive to meet the needs of all our clients. We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Farsi version of our website.

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TenkoFX is pleased to introduce our new AutoTrade service, which is now available to all TenkoFX clients.

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