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12:34 03 March /2014 New services

Dear customers and partners

At TenkoFX we pride ourselves on offering ideal partnership conditions and high bonuses to our clients. Our partnership programs are secure, transparent and profitable. We establish lasting relationships with each of our clients, based on trust and professionalism.

Only TenkoFX can offer you:

- Instant transfer of bonuses

- Regular premiums

- Detailed statistics

- Informers to post on your website

- Wide range of promotional materials

- Easy-to-use, highly-functional TenkoDESK interface

Any TenkoFX client can join our lucrative partnership program. You’ll automatically become a participant with basic Agent status during registration, and will be provided with a personal referral link for your individual use. As an Agent you can attract your friends to join TenkoFX and receive a commission for every trading transaction they make, whatever the outcome. You can also take part in special promotions, such as our current Invite Your Friend, Get $10 and Win $5,000 promotion for all partners, with total prize money of $100,000.

Our goal is to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for our partners to work with us. This is why we have added two new sections to TenkoDESK for your convenience: Partner Status and Your Web Resources.

The Partner Status section allows you to keep track of your current achievements and level of payable bonuses, and also keeps you informed about the conditions for promotion to the next partnership level.

Promotion to the Web Partner level has become easier, too. All you have to do now is verify your own website, either in our new Your Web Resources section, or by applying at [email protected]

If your website meets the criteria for Web Partnership (i.e. it is focused on visitors interested in Forex trading) this program is ideal for you. We will provide you with the services of our programmer and web designer, free of charge, to ensure that your site meets all our visual and technical parameters.

We can even help you build your site from scratch – please note that in these circumstances we reserve the right to own the domain and the content used on the site.

We wish you a successful and profitable trading career – with TenkoFX, your income is in your own hands!

Best regards


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