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Verified PAMM Trader

18:23 03 December /2013 New services

Dear customers

We are delighted to announce the introduction of a new service and PAMM platform capability: Verified PAMM Trader.

This innovative service is aimed at successful professional managing traders with a trading track record on other brokers’ PAMM platforms. Until now trader mobility has been severely restricted, because the growth of your investor pool has always been directly linked to your historical performance. Switching or expanding to other PAMM platforms has inevitably resulted in the loss of your track record, forcing you to build your client base from scratch.

TenkoFX has solved this problem by introducing our Verified PAMM Trader service, which allows you to import your trading history from other trusted brokers.

Visit our Verified PAMM Trader page for more details.

Best regards TenkoFX Development Team

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