Cryptocurrency analysis


    Bitcoin fell 2.1% to $ 6,395.8 at 12.53 WIB on the Bitifinex exchange.

    Ethereum slumped 3.6% to $ 198.02 and Litecoin tumbled 5.5% at $ 49.611. The XRP sank 2.9% to $ 0.44956 at the Poloniex exchange.

    Today the price movement for BTC USD tends to be sideways, it can be concluded from the candlestick pattern formed in H1, the candle is lined with a small body shape, indicating that the transaction volume is not much different where for the current price BTCUSD is at 6307.4600, while the RSI shows number 56.4588, meaning that for now the price is still at the resistance level but has not reached the overbought area, this is seen by using the H1 timeframe

    While if we using timeframe H4 hence we will get the different view about this case

    Stochastic oscillators have entered the overbought area where the numbers for stochastic show 82.3799, and quite different from the RSI which shows the number 47.5634, both indicators indicate overbought and oversold areas, but if both indicators are not valid, there are no sell or buy signals if based on indicators

    Meanwhile, data from coinmarketcap shows

    Market Cap $ 110,910,677,669 USD 17,353,650 BTC
    Volume (24h) $ 4,199,665,484 USD 663,925 BTC
    Circulating Supply 17,353,650 BTC
    Max Supply 21,000,000 BTC

    At current prices
    $ 6,391.20 USD (0.94%)
    There was an increase in prices even though only 0.94% for today


    There has been no significant price change for ETHUSD today, the neat arrangement of candles is still lined up as a sign of price moves not  too high today, although today there was an increase of 0.92% but price changes are still possible to go back down

    The stochastic indicator shows that the current price by using the H1 timeframe has entered the overbought area where the indicator shows the number 94.1797, while the RSI shows the number 48.3914, there are different signals from the two indicators, so there is no valid signal to sell or buy for this pair

    But there is news that might be able to boost the rise of ETH values where Ashley Alder, SFC chief executive said at a fintech conference in Hong Kong on Thursday that the regulator will announce later a "new exploration approach" about how virtual asset trading platforms can be arranged.

    In other news, Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) said in a report that it would now classify cryptocurrency as a class of institutional assets.

    The amount of managed virtual coin assets has increased in the past two years with a value of $ 7.11 billion currently held by hedge funds, venture capital companies and private equity companies,

    Data for Ethereum coins from coinmarketcap are as follows

    Market Cap $ 20,514,865,392 USD 3,243,196 BTC
    Volume (24h) $ 1,450,336,041 USD 229,284 BTC
    Circulating Supply 102,930,959 ETH

    With current prices
    $ 199.31 USD (0.92%) rose 0.92% today

    ETH now on  rank 2 on top cryptocurrency


    Not much different from the BTCUSD cryptocurrency pair and also ETHUSD, the price movement on XRPUSD is also still flat, but when compared to the two pairs, the XRPUSD price change is higher by 2.14%

    Stochastic shows the number 84.7034 while the RSI shows the number 52.8655, the price range enters the overbought area with an oscillator, but the RSI signal shows the possibility of the price going up towards 0.46000

    Meanwhile, data from the coinmarketcap for today is as follows

    Market Cap $ 18,147,777,779 USD 2,868,983 BTC
    Volume (24h) $ 435,054,530 USD 68,778 BTC
    Circulating Supply 40,205,513,967 XRP
    Total Supply 99,991,797,922 XRP
    Max Supply 100,000,000,000 XRP

    The current price with USD is
    $ 0.451375 USD (2.14%) up 2.14% from the opening price

    XRP is in Rank 3 of the Top Cryptocurrencies