Cryptocurrency and Indices small analysis


    The trend of price changes is still not seen showing a rise in volume above the average in this cryptocurrency pair, the RSI indicator still shows values  below 75000 and above 50000, meaning that the condition of the price change trend is still in the normal range and has not entered the overbought area,

    Crypto market news about Taiwanese electronics company HTC, which reportedly will sell mobile phones that can only be purchased with cryptocurrencies, is positive news on the development of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, according to the HTC Exodus website, "initial access" to the phone is currently only can be purchased via Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), and is available for 34 regions, including the US, UK and Hong Kong.

    Data taken from coinmarketcap shows

    Market Cap $ 112,302,859,034 USD ,17,345,050 BTC

    Volume (24h) $ 3,320,598,097 USD, 512,621 BTC

    Circulating Supply 17,345,050 BTC

    Max Supply 21,000,000 BTC


    According to the trend of price trend changes in the H1 time frame it can be concluded that the trend of the trend that is happening is a downward trend, but what needs to be watched is that the RSI indicator is approaching the oversold area and allows a reversal if the indicator is getting deeper into the oversold area.

    Based on the price change on coinmarketcap for stellar lumen, it has moved down by 1.80%

    and the data obtained from coinmarketcap is

    Market Cap $ 4,339,434,770 USD,669,941 BTC

    Volume (24h), $ 38,759,913 USD, 5,984 BTC

    Circulating Supply 18,894,758,341 XLM

    Total Supply 104,403,430,212 XLM

    The possibility for this one cryptocurrency is still not showing that the trend will rise again, but the possibility to go up again is still open if the RSI reference is used to see the overbought area


    ETHUSD is still in a sideways trend condition, candlestick payment patterns that are formed on the H1 timeframe can be interrupted by trends that still do not show much, indicators that indicate that demand for volume is greater than supply.

    The current price is at 204.19 $ up by 0.14% with data from coinmarketcap

    Market Cap $ 20,999,253,008 USD,3,258,351 BTC

    Volume (24h) $ 1,078,125,540 USD, 167,287 BTC

    Circulating Supply 102,842,874 ETH

    History data on October 27 shows the open price opened at 203.36 high 206.08 low 203.13 close 204.21 with the volume of 1,084,810,000 and market capitalization of 20,908,930,777

    Positive news for etherium is expected to again boost crypto price changes with the ETH symbol.

    The New York state regulator has approved Coinbase Custody Trust Company LLC to launch their custody cryptocurrency service in the state.

    The New York State Financial Services Department (DFS) has authorized a subsidiary of Coinbase Custody Trust Company LLC which is wholly owned by Coinbase to provide a variety of limited containment services for virtual currencies, including Bitcoin BTC, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC).

    BitGo announce the development of Ethereum (ETH) based coins that are supported by 1: 1 with Bitcoin (BTC),

    The announcement regarding Wrapped Bitcoin will give users "new cases of using decentralization including decentralized exchange (DEX), as collateral for stable coins or loans, for flexible payments and smart contracts in the Ethereum ecosystem.




    change (%)

    P 500 futures


    -26.00 (0.97%)

    S&P 500


    -46.88 (-1.73%

    Nasdaq 100


    -163.99 (-2.34%)

    Dow 30 


    -296.24 (-1.19%)

    Large stock market speculators believe their bullish position in the S & P 500 Mini futures market this week, from information from the latest Commitment of Traders (COT) data released by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on Friday.

    The S & P 500 Mini non-commercial futures contract, which is traded by large speculators and hedge funds, reached a net position of 239,372 contracts in data reported until Tuesday, October 23. This is a weekly increase of 12,580 contracts from the previous week which had a total of 226,792 net contracts.

    Speculators still hope that the trend is bullish this week after last week's fall (-29,027 contracts). Despite recent stock market corrections, speculators have now raised their bullish bets in five of the past six weeks. The current position remains above the contract level of +200,000 for the fourth week in a row.


    At the same weekly report period, from Tuesday to Tuesday, the S & P 500 Mini Futures closed at around $ 2746.25 which decreased $ -71.50 from the previous close of $ 2817.75,