Review: EA Forex Gump

  • Hello all fellow trader, this time will be discussed by one of the robots that are on the rise for several months, because of the fantastic profit. But did you know? This fantastic profit from EA Forex Gump has not been fully tested. The reasons vary, from developers who do not have names to the absence of complete information for prospective clients.

    Forex Gump EA is one Forex Expert Advisor based on trendy candles and News Filters. This Forex robot will trade every day. Take profit from each order is always unique, Expert Advisor will adjust to the current situation in the FX Market.
    Always trading in profits, orders are closed within a period of around 1-4 days. This software protects you to lose more money than you have specified in the EA settings, even if the system is stuck.

    Supports multi currency strategies, 9 currency pairs (AUDUSD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY) at M1 Timeframe.

    The advantage of using this Forex Trading System is that it is not affected by emotions, negative conditions, even you can do daily activities without having to monitor market developments, you will work for you to be programmed with 100% market evaluation and implementation. Stay operational 24/5 looking for profitable trading opportunities. So, unless you turn it off, you won't miss any profitable trading options.
    You can trade with a $ 4000 account or a minimum of $ 40 on a micro (penny) account.

    Full Specifications of EA Forex Gump

    • Platform: Metatrader 4

    • Strategy: Scalping


    • Broker: Can work with all brokers

    • Minimum Capital: 4,000 USD with a standard account or 40 USD with a Cent account

    • License: Price, 199 Euros

    • Website: Forex Gump EA

    • Feature; High-Frequency Scalping Trading: By utilizing a 1-minute time frame, robots will work 24x5 to look for opportunities and profit coffers on the market.

    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: If the client is not satisfied with the performance of EA Forex Gump, the Developer guarantees a refund for the first 30 days of use.

    High-Frequency Scalping Trading

    High-Frequency Trading, or  HFT, is one of the trading strategies that started to become famous in recent years. HFT is generally categorized as a collection of strategies whose frequency of entry in the market is high. Usually, short-term or Scalping-focused strategies included in this category.

    By relying on this HFT method, EA Forex Gump is able to take a total of 3,200 positions during the Online period in the past 36 months. This means EA Forex Gump opens an average of 51 positions per day. Observing from the report given, it was found that the largest number of positions ever opened in 1 day was 111 positions, while the lowest number was at 28 positions per day. By using this strategy, EA Forex Gump is able to get a total profit of 164.6% from the usage period of just 3 months.

    Forex Trading Performance With EA Forex Gump

    There is a slight disappointment when reviewing the performance of trading robot EA Forex Gump because only real account data is displayed on their Official Website. This is very unfortunate, considering that in order to review and see better performance, a Statement and report from Backtest and the demo account are also needed. The main purpose of this completeness is to compare the results of each test so that if there are certain irregularities from the process, it can be known immediately.

    Performance of Real Accounts

    In showing the results and performance of the trading robot that has been made, the Developer EA Forex Gump includes a Live Account that has been associated with FXBlue. This is done so that prospective buyers can immediately observe the performance of robots in real conditions and environments. The following results are obtained:



    Time Frame: M1

    Total Trade: 3201

    Profit Trade: 2430 (75%)

    Loss Trade: 770 (25%)

    Trade Length (Average): 21.9 Jam

    Trades Per Day: 51.6

    Drawdown: Not included

    Initial Deposit: 2,500 USD

    Gross Profit: 9,614.40 USD

    Gross Loss: -5,425 USD

    Net Profit: 4,189.40 USD

    Profit Factor: 1.77

    Looking at the results above, you should be a little surprised to see that the Win Rate reaches 75%. That means, EA Forex Gump is able to win with a loss rate of only 1 time out from 4 trading positions. Not a bad result, for robots worth 199 Euros right? This performance is arguably very impressive when compared to Win Rate other robots that only range below 70%. Even compared to EA Wall Street 2.0 Evolution, the EA Forex Gump winning rate is only slightly adrift.

    Interestingly, 75% of this victory is not achieved by a small number of open positions. With a total trade of 3,200 positions to this day, more than 2,400 positions are closed with profit, slightly different from EA Wall Street 2.0 Evolution which achieved an 80% victory rate just by opening 271 positions. This difference is of course there, because there are also different strategies for the two trading robots. EA Wall Street utilizes Scalping on M15, while EA Forex Gump acts in the M1 time frame.

    Regarding the benefits gained in 3 months airing, EA Forex Gump managed to record a total profit of 9,614 USD, with total losses reaching 5,425 USD. The net profit is up to 4.189 USD, equivalent to 169% of the total deposit made at the beginning.

    Money Management EA Forex Gump

    In forex trading, market movements are very dynamic and can`t be controlled by a trader. Therefore traders usually provide a system to determine, mapping and analyze the direction of the market. But how sophisticated the analysis is, no one will always correctly to analyze the direction of the market. There will be times when a trading system does not function because indeed the market conditions are not appropriate.

    This inability causes the importance of the Money Management method in trading. Money Management is a method used to manage all financial aspects of a trading account. The main purpose is how to optimize the benefits obtained and of course minimize the losses suffered. Money Management is one of the most important factors in the success of a forex trader.

    The importance of Money Management also influences the forex expert advisor. How much Win Rate is a trading robot, without good Money Management, EA will not be able to succeed and get consistent profit in the market. Because of this, Money Management is the main factor that must be analyzed when choosing a robot.

    The first Money Management component to be discussed is the average profit and loss obtained in one trading position. From the reports obtained, EA Forex Gump earns an average of 3.99 USD per profit position and loses 7.13 USD in each loss. If a comparison of Risk: Reward is used based on acquisition, EA Forex Gump uses a ratio of 1.78: 1. Or in simple words, EA is willing to lose 1.78 USD to get 1 USD.

    When viewed from the results obtained, EA Forex Gump at a glance looks very unprofitable or "bigger pegs than poles". But the acquisition of Risk: This reward must be adjusted first with the acquisition of Win Rate owned by EA Forex Gump. If it is calculated mathematically to see the expected level of probability and profitability of the robot, the formula can be as follows:

       E = (PW * AW) - (PL * AL)

       = (3.99 * (2430/3201)) - (7.13 * (770/3201))

       = 2.99 - 1.71

       = 1.28 USD / Trade

    From the results of the calculation above, it was found that in the trading process, you can expect a profit of 1.28 USD / trade. Of course, this is a good thing, right? This does not include if EA implements a Compounding system, which we can also compare with the average acquisition of EA Forex Gump per position. From the data that obtained, this robot managed to get an average of 1.31 USD for each position, close with calculation above.

    Strangeness at Forex EA Gump

    Profitable or not, complete information that must be provided by the Developer for his clients in terms of EA sales is very important. In this case, the Developer of EA Forex Gump is not too transparent in providing information to prospective clients. But because we have not tried to buy a robot directly, our team cannot confirm whether the new developer will provide that information to the client who actually bought it.

    One important information that is not given to prospective clients is an explanation of the strategies used. This robot is known to use high-frequency Scalping techniques to open many positions, but it is not known exactly how the type of technical analysis. In addition, the robot is also not yet known whether to use dangerous strategies such as Martingale, Hedging, etc.

    After being investigated deeper, through analysis obtained from the Magic Number. It turns out that EA Forex Gump has 2 strategies used when opening positions. Both of these Magic Numbers actually represent Buy and Sell positions. Knowledge of this actually creates a little suspicion.

    Usually, you only need to install one robot on one Chart currency pair only. However, when installing EA Forex Gump, you must open two Charts for one currency pair. Both of these Charts will be Settings can only open one type of position. So the first Chart is only to open Sell positions, and the next Chart is only to open Buy positions. The purpose of the Developer to do this is unknown, However, there is a possibility that EA can open two types of positions simultaneously or we are better known as Hedging.

    The most fatal thing in this suspicion is the hidden date and EA Drawdown by the Developer in his report. Drawdown is one of the important keys in the process of choosing a robot. Without knowing the Drawdown, of course, there will be fewer clients who want to choose this robot as a producer of their money coffers.


    As an investor, it is very important to do EA analyzes that you want to buy. To get analysis and various kinds of information, you can do research on various sites through Google or directly ask the relevant EA Developer. Don't just because you see the fantastic profit that EA gets in the near future, you will be immediately tempted.