Promotion expired!
Bonus beyond the reasonable

You think sky is the limit? Not at all. You can try a 200% bonus. This is what our competitors offer. However, we believe that each trader should be realist and concentrate on devising a working trading strategy instead of living in illusions. There is no such a thing as free money. That is why the terms of the promo are hardly realistic. Read them carefully and don’t use them irrespectively which broker you trade with.

To receive your bonus just follow three simple steps:

1. Login or register personal TenkoDESK account
2. Deposit at least $100 into your trading account
3. Confirm your participation in the bonus program


  • 01 Please, note that terms of the promo campaigns are subject to change. It is the obligation of the client to ensure that up to date terms are reviewed.
    (current version as of 06.02.2015)
  • 02 Your identity has to be verified via TenkoDESK, otherwise the traded lots would not be counted towards the release of the bonus as per clause 04
  • 03 Bonus will be offered to clients who have credited the account from the 9th of February to the 31st of March with at least 100 USD and have not made made withdrawals during this period. Enrollment period starts from the 9th of February and ends on the 31st of March 2016. Only STD account types in USD are entitled to participate. Only one bonus type per trading account is allowed.
  • 04 Current promo allows withdrawing profit only upon fulfillment of trading volume requirements. The bonus amount is not withdrawable.
    Example: If you received 500 USD of bonus, to allow for profit withdrawal you have to generate a trading volume of 500 lots.

    Each transaction has to satisfy the following criteria:
    a. Only closed transactions count
    b. Trade has been on the market longer than 60 seconds.
    c. The difference between the open and close price is bigger than MTP requirement for respective instrument as per the table.
  • 05 You can monitor the required and qualified amount of lots via TenkoDESK trading account journal.
  • 06 The bonus will be cancelled and all positions closed when the Equity falls below the total currently active bonus amount.
  • 07 If you have already received a bonus and make a further deposit to your account (requesting another bonus), TenkoFX will check whether you have fulfilled the terms & conditions for the prior bonus. If the bonus terms & conditions have not yet been fulfilled, the bonus amounts will be added together. In order to withdraw the bonus funds at that point you will need to achieve a trading volume based upon the aggregate bonus amount. The amount will be shown upon the deposit of funds into the account.
  • 08 No funds may be withdrawn from the trading account until the trading volume terms & conditions have been fulfilled, otherwise the bonus will be automatically written off the account.
  • 09 As a temporary supportive measure TenkoFX accrues partner commissions on the bonus amount in a 0% proportion.
  • 10 The maximum amount of bonus entitlements on all trading account is USD 5000. Bonuses that have been released as per condition 05 don’t count against maximum bonus amount limitation.
  • 11 Bonus amount is not eligible for PAMM account investments.
  • 12 Upon detection of fraudulent transactions with bonuses, TenkoFX reserves the right to withdraw all bonuses from the client's account without prior notice or without giving reasons.

Comparative table (Deposit bonus category)

Key terms Realistic bonuses Competitor offers.
Not recommended by TenkoFX
VIP 15% 30% 100% 200%
Withdrawable Yes Yes Profit only Profit only
Bonus release requirement Lots required =
Bonus amount / 6
Lots required =
Bonus amount / 4
Lots required =
Bonus amount
Lots required =
Bonus amount
Bonus cancellation Funds withdrawal without fulfillment of trading lots requirement will cancel the bonus amount. Funds withdrawal without fulfillment of trading lots requirement will cancel the bonus amount. Funds withdrawal without fulfillment of trading lots requirement will cancel the bonus amount and the profit. Funds withdrawal without fulfillment of trading lots requirement will cancel the bonus amount and the profit.
Minimum deposit 1000 USD 10 USD 100 USD 100 USD
Account Type STD / ECN STD STD STD
Account Currency USD USD USD USD
Maximum bonus amount 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD
Scalping Not allowed Not allowed Not allowed Not allowed
Partner commissions 100% 70% 0% 0%
Multiple bonuses One bonus type per account only
Stop out cushion Yes No No No
Bonus participation