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Brexit referendum

10:37 20 June /2016 Trading terms

Dear Trader,

On the 23rd of June Britain will hold a referendum on exit from the European Union. In the aftermath of the vote high volatility is expected, which could lead to price gapping, significant spread widening or complete absence of liquidity primarily on GBP and EUR pairs. Margin requirements are subject to review depending on market conditions. Kindly apply extra caution to your trade positions and risk management.

Kind regards,

TenkoFX Team

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Swaps reducing

Crypto pairs swaps were reduced to 10%

13:02 19 April /2018 Trading terms

New crypto-pairs was added

ETCBTC, XRPBTC, XRPUSD, and XRPEUR are now available for trade.

14:54 07 March /2018 Trading terms

On March 11th MetaTrader Switches to Summer Time (GMT+3)

On March 11th, 2018 TenkoFX will switch its trading servers 1 hour ahead, from GMT +2 to GMT +3.

15:24 01 March /2018 Trading terms