Decommissioned (STD accounts)

From January 2016 TenkoFX has changed its business model from mixed Market Maker-Liquidity based (book A – book B) model to a fully liquidity based (i.e. 100% risk off-set) model. Therefore, STD and CENT accounts had to be decommissioned. Going forward registration of new fixed spread accounts is no longer available. Previously held accounts will be phased out gradually.

نوع حساب


نوع اجرای سفارش Market execution, slippage possible, no requotes

ارز حساب

حداقل سپرده اولیه
10 USD

کمیسیون mark-up
جفت ارزهای موجود Forex, CFD

اهرم مالی
Up to 1:500

حداقل مارجین
From 2 USD

دسترسی به عمق بازار
Not available

حساب بدون بهره شبانه
Limitations1 Scalping, news trading & HFT strategies NOT allowed.
معاملات با پوزیشن برعکس (Hedging) Available, 50% margin release,
note: if Free Margin is negative hedging tranaction will be rejected!
مارجین کال 100%
Stop Out 50%
حداقل واحد معاملات 0.01 (for Metals 0.1)
حداکثر لات 100
پلتفرم معاملاتی

MetaTrader 4


  • ۱Fixed spread accounts (STD, CENT, SF) are synthetic products that we offer to our clients. Please note that professional markets (liquidity providers) operate on the basis of variable spreads.

    Fixed spread accounts do offer some protective advantages against excessive slippage, excessive stop loss or stop out triggers resulting from spread widening, which are trading risks inherent to professional markets. These features expose fixed spread accounts to abuse by professional traders or trading software.

    We warn all existing or potential clients not to attempt to misuse fixed spread accounts by running professional strategies like HFT (high frequency trading), scalping or HFT-type news trading. These strategies should be run exclusively on professional ECN accounts only.

    If more than 50% of your trades meet the below criteria your trading style will be treated as abusive to fixed spread account and will put our relationship at risk.

    1. Trade duration of less than 10 minutes, or

    2. Profit targets that are smaller than 5 times the spread, or

    3. Order cancellations exceeding 50% of the total number of orders, or

    4. News time execution only, evident by the timing of orders, or

    5. Excessive transaction numbers – more than 10 per day, 50 per week, 100 per month.

    Fixed spread accounts undergo regular individual audit checks to identify violations. The above criteria are given for informational purposes and we hope that this transparency will help us to avoid conflict situations. Please be aware that we will not hesitate to take severe action against violators, which will not be limited to trading account closures, trade cancellations and slippage adjustments.