Ketentuan perdagangan

Ketentuan perdagangan

New Margin Requirements

19:01 29 January /2015 Ketentuan perdagangan

Dear customers,

During the last 9 months TenkoFX has been working on infrastructural implementation and testing of a new risk management policy. Going forward we will provide our services on the basis of an adaptive leverage reduction approach. These measures will ensure the company’s financial resilience against abrupt market moves.

Unexpected government decisions or economic events can often result in significant market volatility. The recent collapse of the Swiss Franc led to a number of bankruptcies or serious losses among our well-known competitors. While these events improved the market position of TenkoFX, it is important that we stay vigilant and take measures to preserve our future stability.

Provided leverage and required margin reserves will depend on the client’s total position size. The bigger client’s risk position, the higher the margin amount would be. This means that the leverage that you indicate during trading account set up process will define the maximum leverage, not a fixed one. The leverage is defined at the moment of trade opening and will not be changing after the execution of the trade on the market.

The new leverage mechanics will be applied starting from 02.02.2015. All existing accounts with open positions will be gradually and seamlessly shifted to a new margin calculation method.

Please familiarize yourself with the leverage reductions table on the Margin Requirements page (Trader section) on companies website.

Best wishes,

TenkoFX Team

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Due to the 2nd round of Presidential Vote in France to be held on May 7th 2017, TenkoFX will increase margin requirements up to 5 times their normal level starting from May 3rd 2017 without further notice. The changes will affect all financial instruments that include EURO.

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Brexit referendum

On the 23rd of June Britain will hold a referendum on exit from the European Union.

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