Ketentuan perdagangan

Ketentuan perdagangan

11:27 14 February /2014 Ketentuan perdagangan

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Brexit referendum

On the 23rd of June Britain will hold a referendum on exit from the European Union.

10:37 20 June /2016 Ketentuan perdagangan

Trading Hour Schedule for the Easter Holiday Period

Please note the amended Exchange trading hours for the 2016 Easter Holiday Period - all times are UK time

12:27 21 Maret /2016 Ketentuan perdagangan

Introduction of STP accounts

As a continuation of a migration to a new technological infrastructure we are now announcing replacement of fixed spread accounts (STD, CENT) accounts by STP accounts. CENT accounts will no longer be available.

15:02 01 Maret /2016 Ketentuan perdagangan