Ketentuan perdagangan

Ketentuan perdagangan

Trading Hour Schedule for US Labor Day

17:07 02 September /2015 Ketentuan perdagangan

Trading Hour Schedule for US Labor Day on 7th September 2015:

InstrumentMonday 7th September
FX*22:05 Sun - 22:00 Mon
Metals23:00 Sun - 18:00 Mon
UK Brent01:00 - 18:00
US Crude23:00 Sun - 18:00 Mon
Australia 20022:05 Sun - 22:00 Mon
Europe 5022:05 Sun - 22:00 Mon
France 4022:05 Sun - 22:00 Mon
Japan 22522:05 Sun - 18:00 Mon
UK 10022:05 Sun - 22:00 Mon
US SPX 50022:05 Sun - 18:00 Mon
US Tech 10022:05 Sun - 18:00 Mon

*All times UK (GMT) time
**Changes highlighted in red

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