Coinbase sells users’ data to third parties

08:58 05 March /2019

February 19, the largest US crypto exchange Coinbase announced the acquisition of the company Neutrino. This step was aimed at benefiting from the use of Neutrino's blockchain tools, which are designed to meet the requirements of KYC (“know your customer”) and AML (“anti-money laundering”).

However, after that, the community’s attention was attracted by the professional activities of the co-founder Neutrino. Some rumors appeared that he is associated with the Hacking Team, which deals with spyware, violates the rules of law. After these posts, people began to oppose Coinbase with tags like #DeleteCoinbase (“remove Coinbase”).

Coinbase representative, Kristin Sandler, made an official statement defending the acquisition of Neutrino. However, the statement sounded shocking!

According to Kristin Sandler, Coinbase had to part with current suppliers, since it was established that they were selling users’ data. Sandler also admitted that Coinbase was informed about the past of Neutrino co-founders, but took this step in search of a better alternative. She said that the technology from Neutrino really leads the blockchain industry and that the company's tools are aimed at improving the security of users’ data.

It should be noted that Coinbase is also one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The company's main office is located in San Francisco, California. The total trading volume of this site exceeded $150 million. 


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