Founder of NEO denied the risk of remote token theft

17:04 03 December /2018

According to NEO founder Eric Zhang, the vulnerability in the cryptocurrency, discovered by Tencent laboratory, doesn’t threaten the users of the blockchain.

Earlier it was reported that Tencent laboratory discovered an error in the blockchain of the cryptocurrency and stated that hackers could use this vulnerability to steal users' tokens.

However, Zhang reassured coin holders and stressed that this technical error doesn’t threaten the blockchain users.

In Twitter, he noted that there are no risks for the tokens and clarified that all the default settings on the network provide reliable protection for users and their funds. For example, the BindAddress option is already configured for the parameters, so if the user doesn’t change the settings, then he is not threatened with coins.

However, if the settings were changed manually, then Zhang can’t guarantee the safety of the tokens.

He also drew attention to the fact that RPC is activated only under certain conditions and through the command line. By default, this operation is not performed.


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